What To Expect at Your First Visit

The initial visit is around 75 minutes long. It will include the development of a full case history, and an orthopedic and neurological examination. A thorough, easy to understand explanation of diagnosed problems will be given and together we will decide on a course of treatment. Adjustments will then be performed to correct any subluxations or misalignments discovered in the spine during the examination.

In addition, the whole kinetic chain associated with problem areas exposed during the visit, i.e., hips, legs, ankles or the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand, will be carefully assessed, as well as associated muscles. Therapy will be applied to any trigger point problems discovered in the kinetic chain, and stretching movements will be advised for muscles found to be tight. Treatment options will then be discussed with the patient, and an individualized treatment plan will be established.


Please print and complete the following forms prior to your appointment. 

Patient Registration & History

Patient Consent to Treat

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