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Pain Relief + True Healing

The body is a set of interconnected systems, all controlled by the Central Nervous System. When these systems communicate properly, the results are incredible.

Less Pain

Higher Immune Function

Better Sleep

More Energy

Better Digestion

Improved Mood

For over 18 years, we've been helping thousands of people find relief and restored health

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A misaligned spine prevents total wellbeing

We use a range of gentle, effective chiropractic techniques to reduce nervous system interference and improve overall wellbeing. Our approach is individually customized to promote true healing, not just pain relief.

Step One: Relief

During this initial step, the goal is to provide relief from pain and discomfort. We will use a range of techniques and therapies to quickly and effectively reduce physical symptoms.

Step Two: Correction

The second step consists of correcting the structural problems and external factors causing the pain and discomfort. During this phase of care, we focus on healing the underlying issues.

Step Three: Maintenance

Once the initial problems are corrected and proper range of motion is restored, it is recommended that patients return for periodic treatment to sustain benefits.


Angela is amazing!!! I've always gone to a traditional chiropractor and been pleased but Angela's methods are more gentle and she has helped me in ways other chiropractors never could. I recommend Angela to everyone!!!

Kimber T.

Dr. Ference is the only chiropractor I would go to. Her gentle touch chiropractic approach has really improved my well being and kept my lower back pain at bay. I have never felt coerced or forced into any regimen. Her recommendations are always spot on with how I am feeling and have really helped to keep me active.

Deb P.

Having had chiropractic treatment all over the world, Dr. Ference is a professional and wonderful chiropractor who has helped me greatly. Unlike some "factory" chiropractors who go for quantity of patients or try to sell you all sorts of supplements, plans etc, Dr. Ference treats patients one on one and really listens to my concerns and treats them appropriately and skillfully. Best chiropractor in Charlottesville.

Lars G

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